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The air you breathe may be the cause of your sickness?

More often than not, doctors cannot examine a lot of illness. These symptoms include headache, dizziness, lethargy, sneezing, running nose, rashes, fever and flu.

You may not realize that the quality of air we breathe all the time may be the cause of such symptoms, and is a disturbance for many people.

At present, both residence and offices are designed and built in such a way to keep the coolness of air conditioning inside the room, with windows shut, thus making air circulation difficult. This leads to the accumulation of germs, bacteria, carbon dioxide, toxins and other air pollution in the room, which can cause illness.

Usage Details

NORCA Purification is designed with device that emits ozone and can be adjust according to space and size of room. It is portable and easy to install. NORCA Purification is designed with the latest technology to purify air and eliminate odors. The device further decontaminates germs, molds, bacteria and dust mites in places such as:

  • Houses : Kills germs, molds, bacteria and dust mites in bedrooms and living halls. Eliminate odors in the house, corridors, kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Offices & Factories : Filters cigarette smells and unpleasant chemical smell and creates fresh air.
  • Hotels : Can be installed in the hotel lobby, rooms, restaurants, to deodorize carpet, mattress, curtains, sofas. It can definitely get rid of cigaette odors and can protects you from airborne virus and bacteria.
  • Hospitals : Disinfects and protects you from virus and bacteria.
  • Printing business : Decontaminates the smells of printing ink, paints and Benzyl oil.

How the Ozone Spreads into the Atmosphere

  1. Oxygen molecules
  2. Ozone consists of 3 molecules
  3. Ozone molecules will break and sanitize pollution and create oxygen.

Pollution At Home

Dust Mites : Do you know that 300 grams or 1 ounce of dust exists 42,000 dust mites and do you know that 40 pounds of dust each year per 1,500 square feet inhibits 15 species of mites? These mites are the cause of eye, nose and ear irritation, allergy, asthma, anxiety and tiredness.

Bacteria : Do you realize that a large number of bacteria exist in air conditioner, pets, garbage, bathrooms and many other areas in the house? These bacteria cause illnesses such as flu, nose block, bronchitis and conjunctivitis.

Mold Spores : Do you know that you are encountering molds from air conditioner, damp clothes and stuffy, moist places all the time? These mold spores create allergy, sinus, skin irritation, anxiety and weariness.

Pollution Sources
Chemical Type
Side Effects
Paints, carpets Benzyl Headache, amnesia
Curtains, sofas, mattresses Ammonia Eye & skin irritation
Armchairs, sofa closets Chloroform Weariness, nasal bleeding
Timber & plywood Sulphurdioxide Sinus, asthma, bronchitis
Furniture Hydrocarbon Dizziness, nausea
Cigarette, gas Trichlorathylene Anxiety
Wallpapers, adhesive Carbontetrachloride Cancer, lung cancer
Cleanser Formaldehyde Bronchitis